Shocklee For Congress                                   

My early years

My Service to our great country...

Enlisting in the U.S. Navy, to this, is the single most important professional decision I've made in my life. In the Navy I found my sense of purpose in my professional life. Service to this country is certainly the most rewarding feeling I get in my career, then and now. As a natural athlete I set myself well above the physical standards, and the work ethic instilled in me by my parents and grandparents set me well above the academic and performance standards. All the recognition and awards only made me work harder. Seeking more, I went on to earn a degree in Aeronautics while on active duty. However, due to a severe injury early in my Naval career, I would later have to leave my military career behind after 10 years of service.

After the Navy I spent a short time with a private company on their Operations Management Team. However, I needed to get back to what gave me fulfillment, and that was to serve our country. I would go on to work for an agency under the Dept. of Defense known as DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency). While this was a very rewarding and fulfilling job, I knew I could do more to help people. This is one of many reasons why I am running for office. It's because I know that I have it in me to make changes in our country that benefit working families just like mine all across this great nation.

Just a country boy...

Late one summer, during wheat harvest, my father and his harvest crew were cutting wheat in northeastern Montana near Glasgow. Here my father and mother met for the first time, and then later went on to marry. They eventually settled down on a small cattle ranch near a little one horse town known as Hinsdale, Montana. In November of 1978 I came along. Winters were harsh in Montana, and so we eventually relocated to my fathers origins in Central Kansas. I watched my father work his hands to the bone, and in the process I learned how to fix just about anything. My mother is as tough as they come. She worked at the local lumber yard, then on the railroad and retired with the phone company. She was a champion dirt track race car driver and taught me to hunt, fish and process meat.
As a child I could not sit still for a second, this would lead to endless mischief. Fortunately for me, my father was patient and steered me well. I was a rowdy teenager in every way you can imagine. I would cut the mufflers off my truck or car just to make as much noise as possible. As an athlete, I was in football, basketball, baseball, track, wrestling and boxing. When school was out, I was busy on the farm either working in the fields or doing maintenance on the equipment, there was a lot to be done.

Eventually in 1999, I made the decision the leave the farming life behind, and moved to San Antonio, TX. This is where I met the woman I could not live without. Just prior to marriage in January of 2001, I had to take the leap into service to our country just as my father and both grandfathers had done before me. Thankfully, the love of my life was patient and supportive, and so we married later that year.
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