Shocklee For Congress                                   

"Lifting Up Texas Families"

March 6, 2018

Levii R. Shocklee
U.S. House of Representatives 
6th District of Texas

U.S. Navy Veteran

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My Oath to You, The Voter
I will serve the people of the 6th District of Texas with tireless devotion to ensuring that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people, reaffirms commitment to the people. I will never take for granted your faith in me to be your outspoken voice in the halls of Congress and Washington D.C. I will support and defend the U.S. Constitution with unwavering Honor, Courage and Commitment. I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of ALL.
"Lifting Up Texas Families"
Texas families are fed-up with living on the brink of uncertainty. This uncertainty regarding the direction of our healthcare system, public education, the environment, immigration and national security has pushed so many of us beyond our tolerance limits. This is why so many Texans are joining forces to call on elected officials to work in solidarity for families across our great country. I have decided to go to work for Texas families because that is who we are, and if we are going to have proper representation, it will take a Texan who understands the needs of families right here in our 6th Congressional District. I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives because I believe in lifting up Texas families.


Health Care


Jobs & The Economy

Quality, affordable health care is a right and should be available for ALL Americans. I intend to work, in a bipartisan fashion, to ensure that the citizens of the 6th district are heard regarding Health Care. I will work to ensure that the cost of health care is reduced for individuals and families struggling with high premiums as well as making sure that no one loses their insurance coverage.
The children truly are the future. In order to ensure America's continued leadership in the world, we must see to it that all children receive equal access to quality education. Students and teachers need and deserve the support, tools, and resources required for high quality education and optimal achievement.
We will create a system in which people are emboldened to leave dead-end and abusive jobs without fear of losing health care coverage. This will drive employers to treat employees with dignity and increase their wages for retention. We must also offer opportunities that are easily accessible to employees of fading industries to retrain into high tech fields of employment. These necessary changes will boost our economy.


Civil Rights

Voting Rights

We must minimize the bureaucracy in the system for those who served us in our nation's armed forces. The sacrifices made by our service members may never be fully understood, but we as a nation have a duty to ensure they can return to the most normal life possible after their service.
There must be an equal value placed on the life and rights of each citizen in our communities. The strength of our nation is based in our diversity as a whole, and we must foster inclusive policies to ensure future peace, prosperity and respect for our neighbors.
Various tactics and strategies are being employed to suppress the right to vote among various groups. I will work to ensure that this sacred right is preserved and protected.

Women's Rights

Immigration Reform

Energy Independence

Women's rights are human rights. Every woman should be at liberty to make decisions on what is best for her health without politicians interjecting. Equal pay for equal work must be the standard. No longer should a woman need to put in extra hours or carry an extra workload to receive the same income as her male counterpart.
The United States is a nation of immigrants. Texas is home to many immigrants who contribute to the enrichment of this great state. Though Democrats embrace and support diversity in our communities, the need to reform our immigration system is long overdue. The process must be fixed in order to create more efficiency for immigrants seeking to become citizens legally.
Natural energy sources such as domestic oil, gas, wind, solar, and biofuels can be found and harnessed right here in our great state. As we look to the future, I will push for a broader focus on developing all of Texas' natural energy sources. This is paramount to reducing our dependence on foreign oil and will, in turn, create jobs.

The Environment

​National Security

Senior Citizens

The threats we face have grown over recent years. The gains and advances in technology have also introduced a host of new threats. We must be vigilant and remain one step ahead at all times. I am committed to ensuring that our men and women in uniform as well as other government officials receive the support and resources they need to keep our communities safe.
As our beloved family members age, they are faced with many challenges. Our senior citizens deserve to grow old without the added stress of being mistreated, discriminated against, or taken advantage of. Also, no senior should have to worry about not being able to receive and afford health care. I will listen to the concerns of our elderly population, and work to ensure that their voices are heard and represented properly, and see to it that the golden years are truly golden.
Clean energy is the future of this nation. We as a nation will lead this effort to reshape the way energy is harnessed. Locally, we must ensure our drinking water is protected. The potential hazards of drilling and fracking in regards to chemical seeping into our water sources must be a continuous conversation for our water safety.

Message from Levii
Thank you for taking a few moments of your time to review the contents of this site. Throughout my professional life, I have been committed to serving people and standing against those who seek to violate the rights of anyone. Winning this election will take a concerted effort from all who wish to turn this District in favor of the people. Now is the prime opportunity to turn the tides of history for this District and for your voice to be heard throughout Washington D.C. As voters, we must select the right Candidate to defeat the Republican nominee, so I ask that you carefully review my track record and find that I am the clear choice for victory of the Democrats in 2018 for the 6th District of Texas. Please contribute to victory in any way you can by volunteering, offering services of value, or donate at the link above.
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